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Question Logo How do I pronounce Pilates?

Answer Logo Pi-lah-tees!

Question Logo What do I wear to Pilates?

Answer Logo Loose fitting clothing so you can move freely. T.shirt and shorts or sweatpants. No trainers, socks only.

Question Logo What do I wear to yoga?

Answer Logo Again, comfortable clothing, although ideally not baggy sweatpants but either shorts or leggings. No trainers. Yoga is practised in bare feet.

Question Logo Can I do Pilates AND yoga?

Answer Logo Yes, but these would be taught separately. Both methods compliment each other, however you may prefer just to do Pilates, or just yoga – your choice. In fact, both methods compliment other activities such as golf, football, jogging, gym workouts, aerobics etc.

Question Logo Can I do a class with a group of friends?

Answer Logo Yes, if you can get a small group together then that will be fine. No more than 5. Classes with the Pilates equipment is limited to individual sessions.

Question Logo My physiotherapist has suggested I do Pilates for my bad back. Why?

Answer Logo Pilates is great for rehab and I would follow the guidelines your physio (or osteopath, or chiropractor etc) has given you. Pilates is usually suggested for bad backs as it focuses on alignment and stability of the pelvis, ribcage and shoulder area as well as improving core strength.

Question Logo Is there a place for me to change?

Answer Logo Yes, there is a shower-room and toilet just for the studio users. Please leave shoes at the front door when you come in.

Question Logo What happens if I am late for a class?

Answer Logo Timings are strictly adhered to, so if you are late, we may not be able to make up the time.

Question Logo What happens if I need to cancel a session?

Answer Logo That’s fine, as long as you give me 24 hours’ notice. If it is less than 24 hours’ notice, unfortunately you lose that session.

question Logo Will I lose weight doing Pilates and Yoga?

Answer Logo Both methods compliment your regular cardiovascular activities – they are not cardiovascular in themselves – Iyengar yoga and Pilates will improve strength, tone and flexibility. You will not leave a class dripping with sweat. If you are specifically looking for weight loss, then apart from ensuring your are eating a healthy and sensible diet, maybe consider Ashtanga or Bikram yoga or do aerobics.

question Logo How long should I wait after a meal before I can do yoga or Pilates?

Answer Logo At least two hours.

question Logo Do I need to bring my own mat?

Answer Logo Yes, for hygiene purposes, it’s always nicer to use your own mat. No need to bring any props – that’s all here.

question Logo What is ‘Pilates breathing’?

Answer Logo Inhale through the nose, and exhale out through soft open lips – breathing into the sides and the back and the front of the lungs and ribcage. Don’t worry at the beginning – the most important thing is to just breathe!

question Logo How do I breathe during yoga?

Answer Logo Inhale and exhale through the nose (again, at the beginning, do not be too concerned, just breathe!)

question Logo I am a man, and I have heard that yoga and pilates is just for ladies! Is this true?

Answer Logo Absolutely not - of course men can practise and enjoy both yoga and pilates.

question Logo Do I have to be flexible? I thought yoga was about tying yourself in knots or being able to get your leg around your neck!

Answer Logo Not at all, however you will find that with both disciplines, flexibility will increase and stiffness in tight areas will gently release. I won't force you to wrap your leg around your neck if you don't want to!

question Logo What ages do you teach?

Answer Logo In a group situation, 16 years upwards with no age limit! And on a 1-2-1 basis, 14 years upwards.