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Whether it’s Yoga or Pilates you would like to explore, both methods in their own distinctive way offer great physical benefits and will improve your health and well-being. You may wish to exercise for fitness and tone, or to rehabilitate after an injury, then Yoga and Pilates will help you on your way. Energy levels will increase, your flexibility and posture will improve and you will ExploreYogaPilates-Pullquotefeel calmer, more relaxed, revitalised and ready to deal with the fast-paced life we all tend to lead.

However, there is much more to explore than just "doing" the yoga poses and the Pilates repertoire. Apart from the physical and external benefits gained, by listening to your body and being aware of your reaction and feelings that arise during the poses, you will discover more about yourself and begin to create awareness - not just in muscle balance but in the balance of the mind and spirit as well. By taking the time to exercise mindfully, intelligently and with intention, you will discover truth, clarity and conscious awareness.